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MHealth 2.0

Health2i provides the consultation, vehicle design and technical services needed to effectively launch your new mobile medical program or expand your current one in the web2.0 environment

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Hospital 2.0

We provide the value of any electronic medical files is in its capacity to develop, centralize, and diffuse the data in patient records in a web 2.0 environment

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Health Social Media

The healthcare industry is one of the top industries attracting large number of audience in social media. Hospitals and health providers which began utilizing the power of social media to grow their business reported an increase in sales and even an increase in the number of loyal customers.

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Pharma 2.0

Powering your web2.0 transformation: Comprehensive solutions to accelerate strategic and operational change, and drive new healthcare value for your community. We bring a broad range of actions to advance 2.0healthcare quality content for leveraging your strategy.

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Health 2.0 Consulting

Health2i Consulting has the experience to assist Health Care companies with designing and implementing Health 2.0 strategies. Short-term opportunities and long- term strategy. With our experience in accelerating transformation, we can help your company to leverage Health 2.0 as an essential element of its overall commercial strategies and marketing plans.

"All in one" M Health Technology

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4 in one M Health is an integrated M Health platform combining Telemedicine, social media platform and EMR technologies

mHealth (Mobile Technology for Health) is of particular interest in developing countries, where widespread mobile networks and access to devices are connecting people like never before, leap-frogging older technologies to dramatically improve Health information flow, data collection, social and behavior change, and emergency response. With our social media platform and EMR technologies we are able to plug the services to any HIS systems.

Mobile Health VAS

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We provides Mobile Health VAS in SMS text, IVR and live text to mobile operators and content partners in Asia

4 in One M Health is a Next Generation Service Delivery Platform that's robust, flexible and scalable. Developed for telecom operators and mobile content providers, this SDP boasts of several features including Subscription Management, Configuration Management, Interface to Operator Billing, Content Management, Scheduled / On-demand Delivery, Administration Interface, Customer Care, System Management & Monitoring and Reports & Dashboards. The modules may be used as standalone or in tandem as part of a larger workflow